Re: util-linux and --enable-raw with recent kernels

Khem Raj

On 10/12/21 9:27 AM, Federico Pellegrin wrote:
Running on a quite recent kernel (5.14.10 from Fedora 34) I've came across a problem when building util-linux (2.35.2) native, namely in the configure phase:
configure: error: raw selected, but required raw.h header file not available
you might want to use latest master, fix that you might find useful is

After a bit or research I believe it is due to: <>
Which is related to the change in the recent kernels here: <>
where the raw.h file was indeed removed.
As per first link it may not be obvious to fix, and don't see an upstream fix for it, but from the Yocto perspective my current workaround is basically just to remove "--enable-raw" from the EXTRA_OECONF to disable the raw feature.
While the whole image seemed to build fine with this, I'm not very sure if that configuration option had a precise use (which maybe it's being skipping in my specific build) or not, so I wanted to ask the experts if there is any opinion on this and/or should I do a merge request that removes it to handle this problem, at least until there is a better solution upstream in util-linux?
Many thanks,

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