booting from nvme SSD


Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to move from an m.2 SATA SSD to an m.2 nvme SSD for our project, without success.
I'm using an Intel NUC7 board that has an m.2 slot which should support (from the datasheet) both SATA and nvme SSD.

I'm able to see the grub menu from the nvme drive but when I try to boot to a partition I get stuck on a black screen.
Which makes me believe that the bios is able to access and read the nvme SSD (or at least the boot partition)
I can't figure out if I'm missing a driver or if I need something specific in our wks file to support nvme SSD

I have tested the nvme SSD with an external m.2 to USB adaptor to verify that it's working properly

I would like to know if there's anything I should look into.

I'm currently on warrior but I believe i had a similar issue with dunfell as well...


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