Machine overrides for x86 and x86-64

Luiz Balloti

Hi everyone. I'm not a Yocto/bitbake expert, so please forgive me for the possibily confusing message.

Our current Yocto setup uses sumo (we're stuck with that right now, don't know if it matters). It has one shared layer, an ARM layer with one machine and a "x86" layer with two 32-bit machines. A few recipes in shared our layer use a "x86" override to restrict functionality to these machines (bbappends were causing trouble, so I went the override route).

We now have a requirement to migrate one of the x86-32 machines to a 64-bit system. My first step was to use "genericx86-64" as a test machine and inspect a few variables. I was surprised to find out that MACHINEOVERRIDES does not list "x86" anymore, just the machine's name. I'd expect that a common override for x86 machines would be defined, regardless of the bitness, but repeating this with "genericx86" tells me this is not the case. We have meta-intel, but it seems our x86 machine variables come from meta-yocto-bsp (I wonder now if this is a layer priority issue).

Is this not a common use case or is our setup fundamentally wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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