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Khem Raj

On 10/5/21 7:04 AM, bohdan.shubenok@... wrote:
Hi all,
I`m trying to debug coredump generated on embedded system running dunfel. The issue I`m facing is with the source files path in "-dbg.rootfs" archive and within dedug portion of a package.
When loaded in QtCreator some sources can`t be found :
The part is missing is "*build/..*". Such notation is obviosly cancels itself and adding empty "build" folder manually helps.
This path allings with how it builds. Here is a part of Makefile found in build path for sqlite:
   build/Makefile:20:VPATH = ../sqlite-autoconf-3310100
   build/Makefile:313:abs_srcdir = /home/bohdan/noah/noah/tmp/work/cortexa8hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/sqlite3/3_3.31.1-r0/build/../sqlite-autoconf-3310100
   build/Makefile:315:abs_top_srcdir = /home/bohdan/noah/noah/tmp/work/cortexa8hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/sqlite3/3_3.31.1-r0/build/../sqlite-autoconf-3310100
   build/Makefile:358:srcdir = ../sqlite-autoconf-3310100
So I tried to disable out-of-tree build for sqlite by replacing *'inherit autotools*' with '*inherit autotools-brokensep*'. After building and loading new debugfs QtCreator was able to found required sources:
Is this a known issue or me doing something wrong with build setup?
I think its not a general problem with autotool based projects doing out of tree builds but just with sqlite3 package. Perhaps you might want to look at compiler commandline options being passed to sqlite3 build and see if paths can be adjusted during build to account for out of tree build.

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