Re: file package dependency

Khem Raj

On 10/5/21 5:10 AM, Timur wrote:
Hi, I'm building a yocto release from the thud branch. The size of the OS image is very critical, so I need to remove as much as I can. Looking at the dependency information, I can see that the "file" package is not required by any other package, but yet it is installed. I really have to remove this package because it is quite large with its magic database, but I can't find who is installing it and why.
I think looking into buildhistory metadata might give some hints, it stores the information about image to package dependencies in a dotty file which you can either open in a viewer or text editor and see who might be pulling the package which provides file utility. So firstly you have to find which package provides file utility which could be done via oe-pkg-utils tool

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