virtual/egl on Raspberry Pi 4

Greg Wilson-Lindberg <gwilson@...>

Hello list,

I'm working on a Qt supplied boot2qt Yocto build currently based on Zeus that is running on a Raspberry Pi 4. I recently updated the qt version to 5.15.6 and Qt changed something in the Yocto configuration that they are using and now one of the recipes that we use is failing saying that in needs 'virtual/egl' but that it is not provided by any recipe.


In the searching that I have done I have found that the raspberry pi 4 is particular on which package supplies the virtual/egl but I haven't seen anything that indicates what I should do to re-enable it.


Can anyone tell me what I need to do to enable the correct driver to get virtual/egl provided on the Raspberry Pi 4? Or maybe even better, how I could search through the packages that are enabled on the old and new Yocto trees so that I can figure out what changed between the releases and re-enable the virtual/egl.


Best Regards,

Greg Wilson-Lindberg


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