Re: Sharing sstate cache across build nodes

Rusty Howell

Below is an accidental DM between Richard and myself. I am posting it here
for others.

> When setting up a shared sstate cache via NFS, do all the build hosts have
> read/write access to the sstate cache at the same time?  Doesn't that cause
> corruption in the sstate cache?  If they only have read-only access, is there
> anything to consider when selecting which build host will generate the sstate
> cache that is shared? 

Writes to SSTATE_DIR are careful and should use atomic moves into place so
sharing read/write via NFS should be safe. We do test this on our autobuilder
quite heavily.

The main gotcha people run into with sstate is deletion since we can't handle
deletion of files from sstate with builds running without the builds potentially
showing non-fatal errors. We just don't delete things often on the main AB.

> Finally, Is it beneficial to use BUILDHISTORY_PUSH_REPO on all the build hosts
> so there is a unified build history?

It can be useful, we do this for a subset of our core builds but the repo does
get large. The buildhistory codepaths are a lot more complex and likely to have
concurrency issues.

> Is it problematic to share SSTATE across build hosts
> (all Ubuntu 20.04 x86_64) if they build for different MACHINE types (ie
> qemux86-64, imx8mq, beaglebone-yocto)?

No, sstate is designed to be shared like that.



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