Re: [qa-build-notification] QA notification for completed autobuilder build (yocto-3.3.3.rc2)

Armin Kuster

On 9/9/21 11:39 PM, Teoh, Jay Shen wrote:
Hello all,

Intel and WR YP QA is planning for QA execution for YP build yocto-3.3.3.rc2 We are planning to execute following tests for this cycle:

OEQA-manual tests for following module:
1. OE-Core
2. BSP-hw

Runtime auto test for following platforms:
1. MinnowTurbot 32-bit
2. Coffee Lake
3. NUC 7
4. NUC 6
5. Edgerouter
6. Beaglebone

ETA for completion is next Wednesday, 15 September.

Your work is much appreciated.

- armin

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meta-mingw: 422b96cb2b6116442be1f40dfb5bd77447d1219e
meta-openembedded: 7bd7e1da9034e72ca4262dba55f70b2b23499aae
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