Re: Minutes: Yocto Project Weekly Triage Meeting 9/9/2021

Stephen Jolley

Done with AR




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Subject: Minutes: Yocto Project Weekly Triage Meeting 9/9/2021



Attendees: Alex, Bruce, Diane, Kiran, Randy, Richard, Ross, Saul, Stephen, Steve, Tim, Trevor


- Randy to move AB defects to M4 after call

- Tim to file a bug about improving ptest runner timeout warnings

- Stephen to handle 3.4 M3 unassigned bugs (move to M4 or 3.5 M1 if enhancements)

- Trevor to ask Alex Kanavin if he could help on 14518

- General reminder to review Old Milestone bugs and move as necessary




- (carried over) Steve encountered build failures such as the one in when attempting to run dunfell builds with the PARALLEL_MAKE load averaging added. WR is testing/investigating on internal Autobuilder instance - Trevor is still planning on looking into this!

Medium+ 3.4 Unassigned Enhancements/Bugs: 77 (No change)

Medium+ 3.99 Unassigned Enhancements/Bugs: 38 (No change)


AB-INT Bugs: 49 (Last week 48)

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