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  1. I'm aware that yocto picks up packages from respective open source community. For e.g. dbus package is picked from etc. In this regard, what kind of tests does yocto runs to ensure that the package that is getting picked-up is stable enough?
  2. Is it Yocto, that writes pTest's to ensure that the package that is getting picked up is stable enough?
  3. I could find pTest report for e.g. on Dunfell @ (Refer "qemuarm64 PTest Result Summary" or "qemux86-64 PTest Result Summary" section for details). The test report only details the number of pTest's that passed, failed or skipped for respective package. Is there any report that details the pTest's, which failed, passed or skipped?
Additionally, I'm looking for pTest's for systemd, udev and glibc packages.
Below are my observations on these packages w.r.t pTests.
  1. pTest for systemd package has been removed with commit. 
  2. Similarly pTest for udev has been removed with
  3. I don't find ptest's for glibc package either.
As there aren't any pTests for these three packages, are there any other existing tests that can be run to validate these packages?


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