Re: Inactive service of hello world #yocto

Rudolf J Streif

What does your 'Hello World' service do? Just print 'Hello World' to the console and then exit?

If so that would be the reason why it is inactive. Systemd starts it and then it exits. Typically, services keep running (except for some special cases) once they are started. That's what makes them a service. To stop them 'systemctl stop <service>' is used. By default systemctl sends SIGTERM to tell the service to clean up and terminate itself.


On Tue, Sep 7, 2021, 10:20 <yasminebenghozzi6@...> wrote:
Hi everyone, 

I wanted to run the helloworld service, but it keeps telling that its inactive , I really cant find why, I changed the service many times but no solution.
I m sorry I ant copy paste from putty

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