Re: Extensible SDK - runtime packages installation


Ok, I was able to find the answer to the third point:

 Am I possibly missing some configuration steps? In Yocto environment the PATH gets expanded with `bin/perl-native` automatically, but I wasn't able to pinpoint what file/task actually does it.

The bolded sentence is not actually true. Adding perl-native to the DEPENDS of a recipe, does not cause it to be automatically picked up during the build. For this to happen the perlnative bbclass has to be inherited. Same design is in place for at least python, probably more packages.

This brings me to the followup question:
How can I mimic the perlnative or python3native behaviour on the eSDK level? Is this only possible via the devtool and recipes, and so can't be done "outside" of the Yocto environment, e.g. using ${CC} and ${CXX} variables?


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