Extensible SDK - runtime packages installation



I've been playing with extensible SDK lately and got to a point, where I want to create a minimal SDK installer and install all the required packages in runtime via `devtool sdk-install`, so that every developer can get only the stuff that's actually needed.

For the target part it works as expected, installing the content to ${OECORE_TARGET_SYSROOT}, however for the host part the content gets installed to ${OECORE_NATIVE_SYSROOT}, but it's not visible in the PATH in some cases. E.g. for perl-native the binaries are installed to `<native sysroot>/bin/perl-native` and are not visible, unless I manually extend the PATH with this directory, then it works fine.

So my questions are:
* Is the runtime installation of packages meant to run on host actually supported? It surely works for e.g. compiler, so I assume it should be also fine for other packages?
* Should I install `nativesdk-` or `-native` packages, if I want to use them this way? Or can I actually do both? In the eSDK talk by Paul Eggerton I saw that `nativesdk-cmake` was added, but the `nativesdk-` doesn't really seem to fit `mini Yocto environment` that eSDK basically is.
* Am I possibly missing some configuration steps? In Yocto environment the PATH gets expanded with `bin/perl-native` automatically, but I wasn't able to pinpoint what file/task actually does it.

Best Regards and thanks in advance,

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