Install packages to an "image" without its dependencies being pulled in. #yocto


Greetings everyone, 

Is there a way to instruct Yocto's image class to install package(s) without its dependencies for an image target (i.e ext4)? For instance, we are trying to build a system where there is a main system partition and another partition that'll host additional lib, etc and during boot up we would overlay them together. Hence, the "other" partition does not really need all the same system libs, etc that already exists on the system partition. This other partition is developed by an external partner so we want to have the autonomy to update separately (i.e not mingled things together with system partition). I am having trouble finding a way to do this because Yocto seem to like to install a package long with all its dependencies (i.e glibc, etc).

PS. I apologize if this is not the right place to ask the question.


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