Re: Wayland and X11 on Yocto

Khem Raj

On Wed, Aug 18, 2021 at 3:06 PM Manuel Wagesreither <ManWag@...> wrote:

Hello all,

I'm building an image to run on various SBCs and would like to equip it with a graphical interface.

There are quite a few things very unclear to me. Can someone help me with that?

* Why is X11 enabled by setting an IMAGE_FEATURE (namely x11, x11-base or x11-sato), while Wayland is enabled by IMAGE_INSTALL only (weston-init and weston)?
x11-* features is primarily to control what kind of x11 packages you
want to include in image e.g.
./meta/recipes-sato/packagegroups/ is
pulled in when x11-sato is added to IMAGE_FEATURES
we have many X11 based images and sato is one of them so thats why its
separated out.

you should really is looking at DISTRO_FEATURES e.g. wayland distro
feature is needed for core-image-weston to build.

* Theory: Is IMAGE_FEATURE +=x11 manipulating IMAGE_INSTALL under the hood so you don't have to do it manually? And as there is no IMAGE_FEATURE "wayland", you have do it manually. Correct?
* Why is Wayland different in that it doesn't need an IMAGE_FEATURE to enable it?
there are not many wayland based compositors or images we have in core
as of now.

* Why does need to enable IMAGE_FEATURE hwcodec, while does not? (Dunfell branch.)
openGL is needed for wayland/weston to work too but hwcodec feature is
infact to pull in machine specific drivers MACHINE_HWCODECS into image
if a given BSP defined it.
e.g. intel bsps define vaapi codecs and mediasdk for specific machines
defaults for this image features are empty

Thank you.
Regards, Manuel

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