Re: execute a python code in raspberrypi #python

Nicolas Jeker

On Fri, 2021-08-13 at 02:40 -0700, yasminebenghozzi6@... wrote:
Hello beautiful people, 

I successfully executed on the raspberrypi by making a
layer. BUt now i need to add a whole python code with classes etc,
which exists in different files like the picture, I wanna know please
how to add them to be able to run the code on the raspberrypi. THey re
all related together and i need to run the so the code will
be executed.
I recommend putting your whole python project into a repository (e.g.
with git) and then create a recipe that fetches the git repository and
installs the files to a sensible location.

You should be able to follow the documentation on writing a new recipe
to some degree:

To run your script on boot, I would create an init script / systemd
service, depending on what init system your image is using. See here
for more information:

THank you .

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