Re: New Override Syntax

Michael Opdenacker

Hi Darcy,

On 8/10/21 7:51 PM, Darcy Watkins wrote:

My apologies. I don't think I made my question clear. I am asking about the compatibility of old style override syntax moving forward (and new style syntax in old versions).

So if I continue using the old style override syntax (to ensure sure compatibility for use with older Yocto versions), at what future Yocto/OE release do you expect that old style override syntax will become erroneous (as opposed to say triggering deprecation warnings, etc)?
If I understood correctly, the old style will continue to be supported
in 3.1 and in 3.3, as long as these releases are supported (that's what
I'm trying to find out). These versions will support both syntaxes

However, from 3.4 on, only the new syntax will be supported.

Is support for the new style override syntax present in any existing Yocto/OpenEmbedded releases (in other words, has it been there for a while, but we are just now actively migrating to use it)? If so, how far back does it go?

No, we don't have any releases yet with the new syntax. The next dot
update to Dunfell is planned on 2021/9/24, and that's when you'll have a
release with both syntaxes supported. Dunfell is supposed to be
supported for at least 2 years, that is until Apr. 2022.


Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering

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