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Darcy Watkins


My apologies. I don't think I made my question clear. I am asking about the compatibility of old style override syntax moving forward (and new style syntax in old versions).

So if I continue using the old style override syntax (to ensure sure compatibility for use with older Yocto versions), at what future Yocto/OE release do you expect that old style override syntax will become erroneous (as opposed to say triggering deprecation warnings, etc)?

Is support for the new style override syntax present in any existing Yocto/OpenEmbedded releases (in other words, has it been there for a while, but we are just now actively migrating to use it)? If so, how far back does it go?



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´╗┐On 2021-08-10, 10:17 AM, "Michael Opdenacker" <michael.opdenacker@...> wrote:

Hi again Darcy,

On 8/10/21 6:35 PM, Michael Opdenacker wrote:
> Where can we find until when the current releases are going to be
> supported? Such information doesn't appear on

I haven't managed to get such information yet, so I opened a bug to make
sure I get an answer by Thursday, when we have our bug triage meeting.

Here's the bug:;;sdata=cyIznH%2F%2B%2BPzccxcue710LByZiJGI9tx7%2B4fiyLK6Ba8%3D&amp;reserved=0
Don't hesitate to subscribe to it.


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