#yocto debbuging option under zeus #yocto

Monsees, Steven C (US)


I ran across the following under the Yocto Project Profiling and Tracing Manual, and after checking my ipk data files/layout, I was wondering if someone could tell me, if ipk is capable of performing a similar set of operations to install my debug data ?, and if so, what would be the correct command sequence ?


“ The debug packages once built can be found in build/tmp/deploy/rpm/* on the host system. Find the busybox-dbg-...rpm file and copy it to the target. For example:


[trz@empanada core2]$ scp /home/trz/yocto/crownbay-tracing-dbg/build/tmp/deploy/rpm/core2_32/busybox-dbg-1.20.2r2.core2_32.rpm root@....31:

     root@....31's password:

     busybox-dbg-1.20.2-r2.core2_32.rpm                     100% 1826KB   1.8MB/s   00:01


Now install the debug rpm on the target:

     root@crownbay:~# rpm -i busybox-dbg-1.20.2-r2.core2_32.rpm




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