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Michael Opdenacker

Hi Darcy,

On 8/10/21 6:16 PM, Darcy Watkins wrote:



Does anyone know how long (or how many releases) that the old override
syntax will still be supported?  (Like a deprecation EOL cycle).


A corollary question: How far back in old releases is the new syntax


This potentially affects layers that have a single branch that support
multiple versions of Yocto/OE.
IANTM (I Am Not The Maintainers!), but I know that the old override
syntax will be supported in the maintained releases as long as they are

* Dunfell 3.1, Long Term Support
* Gatesgarth 3.2, now reaching end of life as written on
* Hardknott 3.3, the latest version, still supported.

I know I haven't replied to your first question yet, so here's a
question for other people on the list...

Where can we find until when the current releases are going to be
supported? Such information doesn't appear on

To reply to your second question, I believe the new syntax will be
supported in the upcoming updates to  Dunfell 3.1, Gatesgarth 3.2
(provided an update release is made), Hardknott 3.3 and of course in the
upcoming Honister 3.4 release.

I hope this helps. I'm trying to get an answer to the end-of-life question.


Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering

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