Audio playback issue with ogg123 (vorbis-tools)

Michael Opdenacker


I'm trying to play an Ogg/Vorbis sample from an image I generated with
Poky (master) and meta-oe (master), by adding "ogg123" and "alsa-utils"
(for testing purposes) to "core-image-minimal".

I built the image for qemux86-64 and tested it ran in a chroot on my x86
build machine. I mounted proc, sysfs and devtmpfs on /proc, /sys/ and
/dev in the chroot, respectively.

I could play a WAV file through "aplay" (from alsa-utils) from the
chroot, but I didn't manage to play an Ogg/Vorbis sample on the audio card:
# ogg123 /sample.ogg
=== Could not load default driver and no driver specified in config
file. Exiting.

However, I could "play" the sample file to a WAV file:
ogg123 -d wav -f output.wav /sample.ogg

Looking at the code, it seems there's a back-end issue (libao,
alsa-lib?), so I suspect ogg123 or libao were built with missing
features. I checked that libao was configured with Alsa support.

I'll go on investigating, but if you have ideas, I'm interested!


Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering

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