Re: cross compile python #raspberrypi

Khem Raj

On 8/4/21 1:17 AM, yasminebenghozzi6@... wrote:
Hello everyone,
So m working on the yocto project, my image is ready, but i need to cross compile my python script from my pc to the image. Is that possible? because i ve been told that python doesn 't to be cross compiled.
Sure, you will have to write a recipe to package your python script. you can use devtool if your scripts are in a git repo then it can generate a template recipe for you which you can use as baseline for your recipe. Or you can look at any python module recipe and model your recipe based on that. Once you have it done then you have to add your package to image which you can do via local.conf by adding IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " your-package"

which should build your python package and also bring in all python infra to run it on target.

Thank you very much

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