Re: [poky] Milestone 2 Stabilization Branch Created (Resend)

Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@...>

On 10-12-13 12:03 AM, Xu, Jiajun wrote:
On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 9:10 PM, Xu, Jiajun<> wrote:
[Resend with correct mailing lists]

Yocto / Poky Folks:

Thanks to everyone's hard work, we are currently on working getting
the first build of M2 started and available for QA testing on Monday.

I have pushed out the lastest commit that was pending in the
distro/master area to both master and create a builds/milestone
branch which is where bug fixes for M2 will go.

There is currently an issue with the PPC Kernel build on this branch
and that is being worked, this may impact getting a PPC build
available by Monday.

For the next week as we stabilize M2, please ensure that any patch
or pull requests indicate that this is for M2 or not. By default
all commits will go to master regardless.
Hi Saul,
Nightly build is near finished now. PPC and some non-x86 real
target building failed. I begin downloading them now and will start QA testing.

Is there somewhere I can check a log of the build errors ? We flipped
in the
2.6.37 kernel and associated tools, but the any hardware targets
should still be building 2.6.34 and be unaffected.

If it isn't a kernel that failed to build .. then I'm less help :)
For beagleboard,
For mpc8315e-rdb,
Both those boards are building random kernels .. one is building
the omap-pm (which is broken) and the other built linux-dummy.

So something went wrong with the merge of the new kernel, and could
be related to the board compatibility .. I'll have a look.




Saul Wold
Yocto Component Wrangler @ Intel
Yocto Project / Poky Build System

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