Auto upgrade helper Verification requirements #yocto #gstreamer #iso


I have gone through documentation of the auto upgrade helper ,like how to use and prerequisites and all.
Can i get any examples like how to use the helper tool to upgrade a recipe,
Also how can i verify this tool like how it is working
for verifying i took a poky(warrior) layer as a reference example . 
With this i checked out older
so that when i use the auto upgrade tool on any recipe which had older changes can get updated to current commit changes.
With this when i checked recipes and their versions map there were some recipes which had this version difference(eg: python: 3.7.2 present 3.7.7).
Now if I run the tool to update the python recipe (like python), I don't see any changes in the recipe at all.
I have followed the steps documented here:
Are these steps followed for verification steps  correct or if you can suggest any other procedure if you can suggest that will be helpful

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