Re: [meta-security][WIP][PATCH 1/2] Convert to new override syntax

Martin Jansa

On Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 3:51 PM akuster808 <akuster808@...> wrote:

On 7/30/21 2:25 AM, Martin Jansa wrote:
> This is the result of automated script (0.9.0) conversion:
> oe-core/scripts/contrib/ .
> converting the metadata to use ":" as the override character instead of "_".

thanks. I had a similar patch set sitting on my laptop waiting for my
last build to finish of gitlab. Guess I should have pushed them sooner.

feel free to use your version of the conversion, my WIP wasn't very well tested anyway as we use only smack recipe from main security-layer and BBMASK everything else

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