Re: (Go) Library for configuring Yocto based boxes?

Nicolas Jeker

On Fri, 2021-07-30 at 07:43 +0000, Christofer Dutz wrote:
Hi all,
I’m very new to the Yocto world.
We are currently working on migrating away from OpenWRT based edge
devices towards ones that we now have Yocto builds for.
All seems to be working nicely on the yocto side.
Our application uses a baseline configuration in order to connect to
our cloud service and there it fetches it’s configuration (We’ve got a
cellular fallback if connectivity doesn’t work at all).
With OpenWRT there was a tool called UCI which even had a Go wrapper
which we used to apply the configuration to the box (set IP addresses,
connect to WiFi neworks, configure the serial ports etc.)
Is there some equivalent in the Yocto world?
The OpenWRT wiki has a section on porting UCI to different linux
distributions [1], but you can probably skip that completely. Searching
for UCI in the recipe index [2] yields a result from the meta-openwrt
[3] layer. I would start with adding that layer and using the UCI
recipe from there.


I would like to avoid generating the file content in the /etc directory
by hand and firing „restart“ commands to the corresponding services, if
there isn’t a better way.
Help greatly appreciated :-)

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