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Randy MacLeod

Hi William,

On 2021-07-15 9:41 p.m., whuang8933@... wrote:
Hi community!
I would like to get Kivy recipe going for this project as I think it
For anyone else wondering what kivy is:
Kivy - Open source Python library for rapid development of applications
that make use of innovative user interfaces, such as multi-touch apps.

would be great to add an extra GUI framework to the project; however, I'm running into an issue that I've been stuck on for a couple days now.
I initially got it running on a rockchip (but it keeps falling back on LLVM pipe for some reason), and would like to do the same on an imx8mp platform. Unfortunately, I get a segmentation fault when getting Kivy to run on the imx8 and I couldn't find any help with Kivy's support group. I was hoping the community can lend me an extra hand/give me an extra set of eyes as I'm currently stumped.
Things I have tried so far:
o.      played around Kivy's USE_X11 & USE_WAYLAND switches
o.      Originally it was using Python 3.8.10. The Kivy I got going on rockchip was on Python 3.8.2, so I downgraded to that version.
o.      Tried using different weston versions (weston_9.0.0.imx and weston_8.0.0.imx)
o.      The stacktrace mentioned missing pthread_mutex_lock file.. thought it was pthreads related so I added glibc and libgcc to the image install
o.      Some googling showed that others use KIVY_GL_BACKEND=gl, but this did not work.
I've attached the recipe I've written up so far and related patch files. (Kivy's current <;!!AjveYdw8EvQ!Kd4lPl_lXtJ_MWzMo3dmsN8miHiYrX4Fe0ldI5FxXKMlAxs7HnLkx-jBi5uWIlllQsDgZQ$> doesn't seem to look for GLESv2 libraries for non-android/ios/rpi platforms), a recipe that installs Kivy examples, and attached my stacktrace for extra information.
Any help would be very much appreciated!
I don't have time to help but you might get more feedback if you
post your recipes as an RFC to:
with a meta-python prefix as mentioned in:

Also kivy was mentioned a few times previously:

Good luck,

William Huang
PS: It's my first time posting to a mailing list. Is it proper to send source code as attachments or just copy and paste into message body? Anyways, I've attached the files for now.

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