[meta-spdxscanner] Question about meta-spdxscanner

Marco Cavallini

I see that meta-spdxscanner has been moved to http://git.yoctoproject.org, and doesn't maintained on github anymore.https://github.com/dl9pf/meta-spdxscanner/issues/21

Therefore the only way to get in contact to developers is writing to this ML

I am trying to understand how meta-spdxscanner works.
I'd like to test it without any external service (no Fossology) therefore I am trying the INHERIT += "scancode-tk" approach.

I am testing it with a dunfell version and I noticed a lot of errors so I switched to master and the bitbake build started but again I am facing to a problem

ERROR: bash-completion-2.10-r0 do_get_report: Could not invoke scancode Command

I'd like to have advice from you to understand if is it possible to test it without any external service and discover what kind of artefacts are generated into deploy/spdx.

Thank you


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