Yocto Technical Team Minutes, Engineering Sync, for July 6, 2021

Trevor Woerner

Yocto Technical Team Minutes, Engineering Sync, for July 6, 2021
archive: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ly8nyhO14kDNnFcW2QskANXW3ZT7QwKC5wWVDg9dDH4/edit

== disclaimer ==
Best efforts are made to ensure the below is accurate and valid. However,
errors sometimes happen. If any errors or omissions are found, please feel
free to reply to this email with any corrections.

== attendees ==
Trevor Woerner, Stephen Jolley, Armin Kuster, Tony Tascioglu, Trevor
Gamblin, Steve Sakoman, Joshua Watt, Jan-Simon Möller, Richard Purdie,
Ross Burton, Scott Murray, Michael Halstead, Philip Ballister, Alexandre
Belloni, Bruce Ashfield, Stephane Desneux, Saul Wold, Tim Orling

== notes ==
- 3.1.9 (dunfell) released
- prserv rewrite pending on issues with python asyncio
- Bootin has been taking over patch testing/queuing work
- AB-INT issues: 50% of open issues are in ptest
- rootfs license race issue is now reproducible (14123)
- multiconfig changes still causing issues and need simpler test cases

== general ==
RP: there are a couple patches on the list to solve a couple more issues. e.g.
a license issue from dunfell. ptest bugs are making up a larger fraction
of the open bugs

SJolly: Ross is now the top bug owner (displacing RP)
Ross: w00T!
RP: i’ve been making an effort to not pick up bugs by default, which means
more and more bugs are being left unassigned. so please look through and
take some on

AlexB: with ptest we’re seeing a couple issues that fall into a couple
categories (ssh disconnect, bitbake server timeout, ...)
RP: the bitbake timeout appears after a git timeout. with ssh timeouts are you
still seeing them after fixing <other issue>
AlexB: yes
RP: that’s more worrying. we should create bug reports and we need kernel
logs. my guess is ssh timeouts indicate something has crashed in the
(qemu) kernel.
AlexB: yes, it happens after a 4 minute timeout, which seems suspicious
RP: we need to save off the logs/env to correlate. it’s hard to debug
afterwards once the build directory goes away. for example: ltt-ng tools
shows a subprocess exit code of -7, but it’s not capturing the fact
it’s signal 7 (sigbus) and not a return value from exit code (bash adds
128 to a subprocess exit value)
Ross: if it’s minus then it’s a signal

Armin: signoffs: people have started signing off on commits, shouldn’t we
be using a “reviewed-by” or “tested-by” instead? should we add a
“tested-by-AB” tag (like the kernel is doing)
AlexB: i’m just taking the patches and throwing them at the AB. i could add
Armin: technically, everything RP takes is tested by the AB. when you look at
other projects, these tags give more “ooph” to the commit (funding,
shows there is a process in place, ...)
RP: i think tested-by is strong wording, just because something goes through
AB doesn’t guarantee “working” or that it doesn’t break something.
also multiple versions of patches causes issues too: if v1 is tested,
then there’s a v2 that get’s accepted, do we have to test again? what
if someone adds a “tested-by” tag later, do we have to go back to
inject these tags into the workflow? adding these tags might overload our
processes. not keen to take on the extra work implied by these tags
AlexB: it doesn’t have to be difficult to do. it would mostly have to be
automated (to add tags)
TimO: the patchwork we have is a fork of the freedesktop one from a long time
ago. we don’t have anyone dedicated to updating it. it would be nice to
get patchwork updated. i see value in having these extra tags, but i can
see what RP is saying (that our existing infrastructure might not be up to
the task)
RP: wrt tested-by, it’s too vague, what exactly was tested? arm? arm64?
mips? … i’m not sure a tested-by tag is useful. at a minimum it would
have to be clear what was tested
TimO: i’ve seen cases where i test one thing, but it fails on some platform
i wasn’t considering
RP: ideally it would be better to just simply state in the commit message what
was tested
SS: i agree. since everything goes through the AB, i don’t think that these
tags add value. i prefer a commit message
RP: i think Armin’s point was to add pr value and i see that point but i’m
not sure
TimO: what’s the status of patchtest?
RP: MichaelH? what’s the status of a new instance of patchwork?
MichaelH: i think we got a few steps in but it was abandoned. it’s nowhere
at all at this point. it would have to be restarted. there’s someone
here at LF that’s interested in setting up a lore instance
RP: i think we were going to look at lore anyway, but isn’t that tangential
to patchwork?
MichaelH: Konstantin was going to set that up here and it has a bunch of tools
that can help
TimO: the lore thing can adds our ability to use the b4 tool
RP: okay Michael, it sounds like this is in your queue for the next while
TimO: i’m very interested Michael, if you need a tester ping me
RP: if someone could get something working that would allow me to work on the
cmdline locally and doing the tests that would get run on AB that would be

Armin: any news on rust?
RP: i believe Randy’s working on it, but he’s not on this call

Bruce: we have a 5.13 -dev upstream bbclass. simply set PREFERRED_VERSION
to 5.13% for a bit-for-bit upstream kernel with linux-yocto. there are
comments about multilib, but the kernel doesn’t do multilib, so is there
anything else i should be testing before sending this up
RP: -dev upstream breaks for native and multilib, but the kernel doesn’t use
multilib so i think you’re fine. i think Ross looked into it a bit
Bruce: okay, i don’t think there’s anything else to test
RP: what about a -bare 
Bruce: i was working on a new kernel type called upstream but then noticed i
was duplicating -dev so i used that and it worked fine. 10 years ago i had
wanted -tiny, -rt, and -dev all in one recipe, but we broke it out into
multiple recipes instead
RP: if you have multiple kernel versions then users can see actual recipes
for each kernel version for each flavour. it makes it clearer to users
what’s available
Bruce: i don’t want to add to the test matrix. but we could just have a new
test for this “mode” (which is really just a different KBRANCH)
RP: we could tweak the AB to add a couple tests for this case. it’d be nice
to have more of this in the manual.
Bruce: i want to move more of the metadata around (e.g. in .inc files), so
this recipe would end up being really tiny (just a different source rev
and branch, and everything else stays the same)
RP: didn’t someone start writing something for the manual?
JPEW: i had started writing something, but then realized it was bigger than i
was expecting so i set it aside
RP: please make it available so we can take a look at it
Bruce: 5.13 has been too easy so far, so maybe we get more of this sort of
stuff in
RP: maybe you can take a look at the (non-reproducible) perf kernel header
issue (there was a case where 5.10 headers were used with a 5.13 build and
we’re not sure how that happened)
Bruce: i ran out of ideas to get it to reproduce locally
RP: this is just libc sanitizers. oddly it was the build from sstate that was
wrong (a 2nd build) not the original build
JPEW: i did send my kernel doc patch on Oct 20th
Bruce: leave that with me and i’ll finish it off

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