Question regarding custom device tree update

Sohil Shah <sohils@...>


I am kinda a noob at this so please bear with me.

I am using the sama5d27-wlsom1-ek board for my demo and I am trying to make changes to the device tree.

So far I have compiled core-image-minimal and find my dtb files are generated in

Also I find many different dts files in

But where does my machine get device tree files if they are generated inside the build folder and if so where do I place my custom files so that they get called during bitbake.

I want to build the image using my custom dts file where I enable certain peripherals and disable the ones not required. (A test to update dtb's in future).

I tried different methods found here

But, I seem to run into some errors when I try to build the image.

Please help and let me know if I missed any required information from my side.

Thank you and Regards,

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