Re: Launching script at the very end of the image process

Richard Purdie

On Wed, 2021-06-30 at 10:41 +0000, Cardaillac, Yann wrote:
Hi Richard,

Many thanks for the fast answer.

I’m switching from buildroot to yocto and trying to figure out how to
do the equivalent of a POST_BUILD_SCRIPT.

Indeed I want to format the images built in a specific format for latter use and CI needs.
In OE, the equivalent for that is probably the image types code.

You can define your own custom image types to extend the system. Some of our defaults are quite simple (tar), some are quite complex (wic has its own bbclass).
I said image, but it was probably not the best word, I just want to make a tarball 
of the generated image + adding some file in it.

Here's the complete file with the job :

FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"

SRC_URI += "file://nallino-custom-params.txt"
SRC_URI += "file://configuration_instruction_to_do_on_GUF.txt"

do_release_ycn() {

    rm -rf ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/ycn_release
    mkdir -p ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/ycn_release/overlays
    cp ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/ ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/ycn_release
    cp ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/ycn-image-imx6ullguf.tar.gz ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/ycn_release/guf-image-imx6ullguf.tar.gz
    cp ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/*.dtbo ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/ycn_release/overlays
    cp ${WORKDIR}/nallino-custom-params.txt ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/ycn_release/
    cp ${WORKDIR}/configuration_instruction_to_do_on_GUF.txt ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/ycn_release/
    tar -czf ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/ycn_release.tar.gz ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/ycn_release

addtask release_ycn after do_image_complete after do_deploy_kernelmodules
You're used to poking around things in buildroot, OE doesn't quite like you
doing that so much :)

You shouldn't really be poking around DEPLOY_DIR without letting the build
system know what you're doing. Intermediate files like the intermediate directory
you're using to create the tarball above should really be in WORKDIR.
That is itself won't break, it just not good practise. Ideally you'd write
a separate recipe to do this final piece with a do_deploy task, using the
deploy bbclass which would them take care of removing obsolete versions
when you rebuild and so on.

I’ve also tried to use IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND without much success
since it wasn’t running at the proper moment.
When is "the right moment"? :)
The right moment, is at the very end of bitbake, indeed I want the job 
to be the overall last job!
You're not really helping us help you find a solution since you've not described
what you'd expect to be happening that isn't happening. How is what you have

I'm going to take a leap and guess that some of the files you expect there
aren't? Maybe the dtbo files from some other do_deploy tasks? If that is true
you're missing dependencies for your task. You can do things like:

do_release_ycn[depends] += "virtual/kernel:do_deploy"

I'd caution against "last" as it is a fine concept until two things want to 
be "last". It is usually better to describe the dependencies properly.



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