Launching script at the very end of the image process

Cardaillac, Yann

Hi yall,


I’m switching from buildroot to yocto and trying to figure out how to do the equivalent of a POST_BUILD_SCRIPT.


Indeed I want to format the images built in a specific format for latter use and CI needs.


I’ve made a recipe (.inc) that I’m able to access directly doing so:


bitbake ycn-image -c release_ycn


To give a bit more context here’s how I’ve made it :




SUMMARY = "Ycn image"


require recipes-core/images/

inherit package-list






do_release_ycn() {


addtask release_ycn after do_image_complete after do_deploy_kernelmodules


I’ve also tried to use IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND without much success since it wasn’t running at the proper moment.


If you happen to have any leads on the subject please don’t hesitate to share!


Best regards,



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