what's the state of things with pushing the bounds on ASSUME_PROVIDED?

Robert P. J. Day

i asked about this once upon a time, so i thought i'd follow up ...
given the fairly stable state of recent linux distros, is there any
standard for taking advantage of what *should* be robust native tools
rather than building them? (i'm ignoring taking advantage of sstate
and building SDKs and other clever speedups for now.)

from scratch, i did a wind river (LINCD) build of
wrlinux-image-small (and i assume it would be much the same under
current oe-core), and i notice that numerous native tools were
compiled, including such standards as cmake, curl, elfutils ... the
list goes on and on.

so other than the tools that are *required* to be installed, if i
mention that i am currently running ubuntu 20.04, is there any
indication as to which tools i'm relatively safe to take advantage
using ASSUME_PROVIDED and HOSTTOOLS? i realize that the versions built
will probably differ from the host versions, but it seems that if
there is an incompatibility, that would be fairly obvious in short



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