Re: [meta-rockchip][PATCH 1/4] centralize console settings

Yann Dirson

De: "Trevor Woerner" <>
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Envoyé: Mercredi 23 Juin 2021 14:51:39
Objet: Re: [yocto] [meta-rockchip][PATCH 1/4] centralize console settings

On Wed 2021-06-23 @ 08:10:07 PM, wrote:
De: "Khem Raj" <>
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Cc: "Yocto-mailing-list" <>
Envoyé: Mercredi 23 Juin 2021 11:32:57
Objet: Re: [yocto] [meta-rockchip][PATCH 1/4] centralize console
+RK_CONSOLE_BAUD = "115200"
while I appreciate this change, it does have an effect of
users away from
BSP variables that core metadata layers have, e.g.
a well defined
and documented variable and if we synthesize it then its hidden
is fine if we document
the new variables equally well although that means every BSP will
invent these kind of
variables so if a person was doing RPI and comes to work on
boards he has more
learnings to do.
Good point, thanks for mentioning it.

What about making this change at the poky level, then ?
I suspect it would break things in all sorts of unimaginable ways ;-)

For example, SERIAL_CONSOLES (note: plural) can contain more than one
baud+device pair so if we try to break out the baud and device then
we'd need
an array (?) so we could break out multiple baud and device pairs
(?), and
then that would get messy... ugh!
Damned that makes things more complicated :)

That could push us along the following lines ?

CONSOLE_DEVICES = "/dev/ttyS2 /dev/tty1"
CONSOLE_BAUD_ttyS2 = "1500000"
CONSOLE_BAUD_tty1 = "115200"

(well, with /dev/ being what it is, CONSOLE_DEVICES = "ttyS2 tty1" could
even be decided as sufficient, removing any possibility for syntactic

or maybe even this ?

CONSOLE_BAUD = <default value>
CONSOLE_BAUD[/dev/ttyS2] = <overriden value>

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