Re: Empty source package when using devtool

Frederic Martinsons <frederic.martinsons@...>

Hello, I dug further into yocto classes and I think I found what is going on. 

All seems to come from the fact that gcc debug-prefix-map and macro-prefix-map options are statically defined in bitbake.conf to

DEBUG_PREFIX_MAP ?= "-fmacro-prefix-map=${WORKDIR}=/usr/src/debug/${PN}/${EXTENDPE}${PV}-${PR} \
                     -fdebug-prefix-map=${WORKDIR}=/usr/src/debug/${PN}/${EXTENDPE}${PV}-${PR} \
                     -fdebug-prefix-map=${STAGING_DIR_HOST}= \
                     -fdebug-prefix-map=${STAGING_DIR_NATIVE}= \

I'll took an example to try to be clearer. Let's say that I devtool modify the glib-2.0 package. Without any configuration, sources will be extracted in ${BDIR}/workspace/sources/glib-2.0.
Build directory is set by externalsrc.bbclass to ${BDIR}/tmp/work/${arch}-${distro}/glib-2.0/${PN}/${EXTENDPE}${PV}-${PR}/${BPN}/${BPN}-${PV} (the real path doesn't matter, what is matter is that B is not under devtool spaces).

This lead to have pretty long relative path in gcc compilation line (sotheming like  -c ../../../../../../../../worspace/sources/glib-2.0/glib/gmain.c for example). Hence the debug-prefix-map could not be appplied.
After the compilation stage, package.bbclass (via splitdebuginfo), there is an extraction of sources path via dwarf format parsing. We ended up parsing something like

- /workspace/sources/glib-2.0/glib/gmain.c

instead of

- /usr/src/debug/glib-2.0/1_2.58.3-r0.2/glib-2.58.3/glib/gmain.c

I patch externalsrc.bbclass to dynamically caculate correct debug-prefix-map and prepend to DEBUG_PREFIX_MAP variable, I also patch the package.bbclass to add a condition when EXTERNALSRC is defined to change the way the sources are found and copied to packages-split/${pkg}-src.

I would greatly appreciate if there is a yocto guru around there to tell me what he thinks about all of this (bug or wrong configuration ?) and if my assumptions are correct (I assume this was a compiling/packaging problem instead of a pure devtool one) 

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