Re: TLV320AIC3104: tlv320aic3104 #kernel #yocto

Alexandre Belloni


On 20/06/2021 22:01:48-0700, Amrun Nisha.R wrote:

I am using tlv320aic3104 in one of my project, The hardware is wired
in such a way that the I2C lines from tlv320aic3104 is connected to a
separate microprocessor which performs the init.

The SAI lines of tlv320aic3104 are connected to IMX8M SAI lines, I am
running linux in IMX8M. ALSA says no sound cards found.

I would like to know whether this kind of setup where the i2c is used
by a separate processor and using the SAI lines in  a different device
that runs linux will work. Kindly advice
To support that, you will have to write your own card driver or at least
write a device tree sound node with a dummy codec as Linux will not be
configuring it.


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