Appending an existing machine .conf file

Mike Frampton

Greetings Yocto,

I'm interested in assigning custom config settings for machine type qemuarm.

I tried a method suggested in this thread by Ayoub Zaki, he
suggested defining the following in local.conf

include conf/machine/${MACHINE}-extra.conf
However, this doesn't work for me because quemuarm.conf in poky/meta
**assigns** its variables, e.g.,

QB_OPT_APPEND = "-device VGA,edid=on"
QB_OPT_APPEND += "-device qemu-xhci -device usb-tablet -device usb-kbd"
So that if I define a value for this, it will be overwritten.

Is there another method for achieving this? If not I could submit a
patch to change poky's definitions to "??" assignments.


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