Re: Yocto Autobuilder: Latency Monitor and AB-INT - Meeting notes: June 17, 2021

Alexandre Belloni

On 17/06/2021 10:05:48-0400, Randy MacLeod wrote:
5. On the ubuntu-18.04 builders, we seem to see issues there,
we dont' know why, maybe only that we have more of those workers...
Alex, could you possibly get failures per worker statistics?
Specifically for bug 14273 (the rcu stall is seen on the logs):

ubuntu1804-ty-1 6 23.1%
ubuntu1804-ty-2 5 19.2%
ubuntu1804-ty-3 12 38.5%
fedora31-ty-1 2 7.7%
debian8-ty-1 3 11.5%

6. discussed Sakib's summary script. It's coming along.
- special activities: rm (of trash), tar, qemu*
- report all zombies
(The current hoard are due to Paul Barker's patch)
make: job server
- the fifo was being re-created by the wrapper on each call
so Trevor will fix that.

8. From last week, I don't think we've increased the timeouts:

- qemu-runner? timeout increase 120 -> 240
- ptest timeouts 300 -> 450?

Plans for the week:

Richard: RCU stall
Sakib: task summary
Trevor: make job server
Tony: ptests and work with upstream valgrind on fixing bugs.
Saul: (1 week) have QMP deal with sigusr1 to close the QMP socket
Randy: coffee, herd cats!!

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