Empty source package when using devtool

Frederic Martinsons <frederic.martinsons@...>


I currently used yocto warrior and I encounter an issue during packaging of recipes.
I would like to embed some source package (to be able to run coverage on target) , this work without issues and places the source of the package in ${ROOTFS}/usr/src/debug, but when I 'devtool modify' a recipe to work on , the source package is totally empty.

First, I suspected that was my various recipe customization so I tried the same method (devtool modify then packing it and look at content of -src package) for more standard package, here are my results:
     - glib-2.0 -> ok
     - networkmanager -> ok
     - dnsmasq -> empty source
     - zlib -> empty source

I try to look at log.do_package but I didn't see any warning nor error there.

Since warrior is EOL, I tried a fresh poky on dunfell and hardknott, I got the exact same results. Is anybody here have experienced this ? Is this bug or did I miss some configuration ?

Thank you very much in advance for any help you can bring.

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