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On 03/16/2012 04:27 PM, Rifenbark, Scott M wrote:
Several people have indicated a quick start section like Robert's wiki page would be good in the YP QS. I agree that the idea of diverting the super user to a shortened, more concise section that let's you kick the tires of Yocto is a good idea. I have created a section based on Robert's example from his wiki page. You can see it at this link:

Feedback and comments welcome.
It's not a bad section to have, but it doesn't feel integrated into the
quickstart, especially the bit about building for Beagleboard xM. Users
looking for a truly quick start will still have to troll through pages
of introductory overview and concepts before they get to this. I still
argue that a new user should be able to build and boot qemux86 sato
using the QS guide without having to scroll down.



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since it's easier to just write something than suggest numerous
fixes, i took less than an hour and wrote this:

it's the sort of thing that would have been perfect for me when i
first jumped into yocto.

i'm going to add a couple more short sections but, technically, it
contains everything i would have needed to know to build my first


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