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Hi Jiajun,

On Mon, 2012-03-19 at 08:49 +0000, Xu, Jiajun wrote:
The overall open bug trend increased a lot in last week. The new
submitted vs. fixed bug number is 64 vs. 52. Some fixed bugs are
enhancement bug, which are not calculated into WDD data. WDD number
and Open Bug number are 938 and 188. Bug status of WW11 could be
found on
I agree that there were 64 vs 52 bugs last week which is a change of 12 bugs.
The top two charts show increases of 50 and 30 bugs though so the
numbers don't seem to add up for me :/. I appreciate the bugzilla
update upset the accounting but it looks like some of the historical
data is inaccurate somewhere :(
Good catch. :)
For the first picture, it is the trend of open bugs by
importance(High/Medium/Low/Undecided) with all bugs included. For the
second picture, it is the trend of open bugs by
severity(minor/normal/major/critical) without enhancement bugs. The first
picture is to give us a whole picture of all open bugs. The second one is to give
us a true picture of the real bugs - without bugs created for feature enabling.
We need to get this data really clean because we make a lot of decisions based on it. Please work with RP to address this

BTW, when I check the open bug data, I find that a new variable is introduced
with new bugzilla for field "severity" - janitors. We do not include the bugs
marked as janitors in "Yocto Weekly Open bug Trend(Severity)". My thinking
is that janitors is similar with enhancement. We could treat it as
enhancement(with weight value "0"), or if we think it should be included into
WDD, we could set a weight value for it. How do you think of it?
Fortunately, we only have 4 bugs marked as janitors, and they are all new
reported last week. We could simply update the bug trend once we make the
I suggest we make the janitor severity the same as low in the WDD calculation.


Best Regards,

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