Re: thoughts on YP-friendly developer laptop?

Jack Mitchell

- Ryzen based for core count
- No dedicated GPU as more wattage available for CPU + less heat for cpu
- Dual NVMe slots, or at least on-board emmc + NVMe slot, hold tmp in
NVMe, replace if it dies. Probably not going to be an issue, I have a
1TB NVMe drive which I've been doing multiple daily builds on for 2
years which is still at 99% health.

For a decent manufacturer? Dell aren't recommended at the moment as the
QA due to pandemic conditions is lacking and machines are arriving
broken. HP do some decent Ryzen based laptops, as do Lenovo. For a wild
card you can also check out System76 but they're just OEM rebrands.

Good luck, it's a minefield out there.


On 14/06/2021 12:58, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

starting to think about a new laptop that will, among other things,
do lots of OE/YP builds, and i'll start with this as the basis for a
few questions about hard drives:

while an SSD would be delightful, i'm concerned about how doing
frequent 40-50G builds would wear out an SSD. so i was considering
looking for something with a fast regular HD for the actual build
directories, but room to put in an M.2 NVMe that would hold fairly
static content, like the OS itself, all the layers, a local source
mirror and so on.

am i overthinking this? anyone have a laptop setup that is smokin'
fast (yeah, 8 core AMD ryzen :-), and a dual drive layout that seems
to work well with lots and lots of OE builds?


Jack Mitchell, Consultant

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