thoughts on YP-friendly developer laptop?

Robert P. J. Day

starting to think about a new laptop that will, among other things,
do lots of OE/YP builds, and i'll start with this as the basis for a
few questions about hard drives:

while an SSD would be delightful, i'm concerned about how doing
frequent 40-50G builds would wear out an SSD. so i was considering
looking for something with a fast regular HD for the actual build
directories, but room to put in an M.2 NVMe that would hold fairly
static content, like the OS itself, all the layers, a local source
mirror and so on.

am i overthinking this? anyone have a laptop setup that is smokin'
fast (yeah, 8 core AMD ryzen :-), and a dual drive layout that seems
to work well with lots and lots of OE builds?


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