Re: How to use debug symbols from recipe-dbg package?

Randy MacLeod

On 2021-06-07 12:01 p.m., Mauro Ziliani wrote:
Hi all.
I have the recipe, and I get from it the debian packages myapp_1.0-r0_armhf.deb and myapp-dbg_1.0-r0_armhf.deb

How can I use the debug symbols in myapp-dbg_1.0-r0_armhf.deb with gdb and the application in myapp_1.0-r0_armhf.deb package?

Hi Mauro,

I'm not sure that I understand. Why wouldn't you just install the dbg deb along with gdb and debug on target?

You might also want to look at using debuginfod if you are on the
hardknott or master branch:

Did you follow the YP docs:



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