Move of official IRC channels to

Nicolas Dechesne

Dear all,

As some of you may have read over the past days, there has been an
ownership dispute over the network. The IRC network has
been used by the Yocto Project and many other projects over the past
decades as a platform for discussion and support. The dispute led to
the exodus of most former freenode staff from the network and the
founding of a new network: [1].

Starting today, the Yocto Project is migrating the official IRC
channels from to Everyone is encouraged to
join #yocto on, and get their nick registered on the new
network as soon as possible.

It's a soft migration, we don't expect to kick users from #yocto on
freenode anytime, unless things go really bad on freenode. However we
encourage everyone to move to and *leave* the freenode
channels during the next few weeks. We understand it will take some
time to finalize the transition of all users, it is very important
that we don't leave any member from our community behind during this

The Yocto Project community website was updated with all the
information mentioned here, and can be found at [2].

We thank the freenode community for the many years of great service
and collaboration, IRC has been, and will remain a key communication
medium for our community!

In addition, on popular demand, the Yocto Project can also be found on
the Open Matrix Network, in the dedicated room called, which can be accessed using [3]. Note that
this Matrix room is bridged to the #yocto channel on,
enabling full two-way communication between IRC and Matrix users.

It is worth mentioning that OpenEmbedded has engaged in a similar
transition, and users are encouraged to join #oe on (or
the OpenEmbedded Room on the Open Matrix Network [4]).

In case of any difficulty , please reach out to me, Michael,
Jan-Simon, Khem or Philip!



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