Gatesgarth-24.0.4 image-live fails

Ferry Toth

Accidentally I refreshed poky and rebuilt. The image-live (do_bootimg) fails when building hddimg with the following:

ERROR: edison-image-1.0-r0 do_bootimg: Error executing a python function in exec_python_func() autogenerated: The stack trace of python calls that resulted in this exception/failure was: File: 'exec_python_func() autogenerated', lineno: 2, function: <module>      0001:  *** 0002:do_bootimg(d)      0003: File: '/home/ferry/tmp/edison-intel/my/edison-morty/out/linux64/poky/meta/classes/image-live.bbclass', lineno: 258, function: do_bootimg      0254:    if d.getVar("PCBIOS") == "1":      0255:'build_syslinux_cfg', d)      0256:    if d.getVar("EFI") == "1":      0257:'build_efi_cfg', d)  *** 0258:'build_hddimg', d)      0259:'build_iso', d)      0260:'create_symlinks', d)      0261:}      0262:do_bootimg[subimages] = "hddimg iso" File: '/home/ferry/tmp/edison-intel/my/edison-morty/out/linux64/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/', lineno: 256, function: exec_func      0252:    with bb.utils.fileslocked(lockfiles):      0253:        if ispython:      0254:            exec_func_python(func, d, runfile, cwd=adir)      0255:        else:  *** 0256:            exec_func_shell(func, d, runfile, cwd=adir)      0257:      0258:    try:      0259:        curcwd = os.getcwd()      0260:    except: File: '/home/ferry/tmp/edison-intel/my/edison-morty/out/linux64/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/', lineno: 503, function: exec_func_shell      0499:    with open(fifopath, 'r+b', buffering=0) as fifo:      0500:        try:      0501:            bb.debug(2, "Executing shell function %s" % func)      0502:            with open(os.devnull, 'r+') as stdin, logfile:  *** 0503:      , shell=False, stdin=stdin, log=logfile, extrafiles=[(fifo,readfifo)])      0504:        except bb.process.ExecutionError as exe:      0505:            # Find the backtrace that the shell trap generated      0506:            backtrace_marker_regex = re.compile(r"WARNING: Backtrace \(BB generated script\)")      0507:            stdout_lines = (exe.stdout or "").split("\n") File: '/home/ferry/tmp/edison-intel/my/edison-morty/out/linux64/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/', lineno: 184, function: run      0180:        if not stderr is None:      0181:            stderr = stderr.decode("utf-8")      0182:      0183:    if pipe.returncode != 0:  *** 0184:        raise ExecutionError(cmd, pipe.returncode, stdout, stderr)      0185:    return stdout, stderr Exception: bb.process.ExecutionError: Execution of '/home/ferry/tmp/edison-intel/my/edison-morty/out/linux64/build/tmp/work/edison-poky-linux/edison-image/1.0-r0/temp/run.build_hddimg.256530' failed with exit code 1: mkdosfs: unable to create /home/ferry/tmp/edison-intel/my/edison-morty/out/linux64/build/tmp/work/edison-poky-linux/edison-image/1.0-r0/deploy-edison-image-image-complete/edison-image-edison-20210524113748.hddimg mkfs.fat 4.1 (2017-01-24) WARNING: exit code 1 from a shell command.

The reason is that the directory deploy-edison-image-image-complete doesn't exist at the time mkdosfs want to write. However after completing the remainder of image live the directory does exists. Consequently, running bitbake a second time image-live succeeds.

I've tried various thing including expressly creating the directory before mkdosfs, but nothing worked. It seems I don't understand how it is supposed to work in the first place.

However, I managed to trace back the issue to this commit 91e4a1c1 "image-live.bbclass: optional depends when ROOTFS empty".

Reverting this resolves the issue.

Any idea what could be wrong?

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