freescale imx-boot, fails to generate is imx-boot container for signed uboot ( wrong u-boot.bin used by imx-boot compile?)

richard allen

In Hardknott, trying to enabled signed uboot containers for signed fitimage

The interaction between the uboot-sign.bbclass and the is not working








I see the updated u-boot.bin in the uboot ${B}{config} sub-directory but other copies are still the original u-boot.bin

  • The updated u-boot.bin = u-boot-nodtb.bin + u-boot-pubkey.dtb ,

When imx-boot creates the flash.bin, it is using original u-boot.bin , not the updated one.


Have confirmed if I put the updated u-boot.bin where imx-boot will use when creating the flash.bin , then the resulting uboot will only boot signed fitImages .


Any known work-arounds ? or this a known bug?


Richard Allen








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