Re: Problem with YOCTO Dunfell and host Fedora 33

Joel Winarske

Hi Zoran,

Your cannelloni recipe is set to autorev, meaning it's not locked to a commit.  So when something changes upstream you have to manage it.

Chances are Canelloni introduced a CMake change which is overwriting (opposed to appending) one or more variables required for cross compiling.  Perhaps try to cross compile (not a host build) Canelloni by itself without Yocto involved.  Once that's sorted, then reintroduce yocto.


On Thu, May 20, 2021, 6:58 AM Zoran <zoran.stojsavljevic@...> wrote:
Hello Yocto developers,

I have few problems running the following self proprietary script from
one of my public git repos:

I recall that last time I used the script (I used then Fedora 31), the
./yocto setup dunfell worked seamlessly, did setup the environment,
and upon bitbake -k core-image-minimal completed the tasks without any

Now, I am using Fedora 33 (in the meantime I did two Fedora version upgrades).

The problem is that while compiling the cannelloni package, the
following errors were issued (please, look into the attached file

This cmake problem was introduced after switching from Fedora 31 to Fedora 33 ?!

Any clue/idea why this is happening??? What is the cause of the problem?

Thank you,

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