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Jim Abernathy

On 03/15/2012 05:20 PM, Flanagan, Elizabeth wrote:
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We are pleased to announce the third milestone of the coming release
of Yocto 1.2. This milestone release is available at:

Additional tarballs for meta-qt3 and the eclipse plugin are available at:

with mirror locations at:

For information on 1.2 M3 test results see:

Thank you everyone for all the hard work.

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Elizabeth Flanagan
Yocto Project
Release Engineer
Dumb question Alert!

So if I want to test with, what is the correct way using git?
I periodically 'git pull' in poky and meta-intel directories while master
is checked out. From doing that I see the recent changes relative to M3.

Do i just 'git checkout -b' and start there? Do I do the same
thing in both the poky and meta-intel directory?
I do:
git checkout 1.2_M3
This will set up a tracking branch for 1.2_M3 branch
then I:
git checkout
to grab the tag.

This allows me to work in a tracking branch. My workflow may not be
typical, so YMMV
I can see how 'git checkout 1.2_M3' can set you up on the branch 1.2_M3 and you will get all new changes applied to that branch each time you do 'git pull' right??

However, does 'git checkout' set you up to only see what was locked when tag was established? And future 'git pull' commands while on that tag/ branch will not change what code you have on your system???

I hope I have this right. I'm looking for the equivalent of working with the tarballs you pointed us to, but with git. But I can checkout master again and be back to latest and greatest.

Jim A

For meta-intel, though, you should be able to work from master.


Jim A

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edison-6.1.0-m3 Errata
- --------------------
Release Name: poky-edison-6.1.0-m3
Branch: 1.2_M3
Hash: 320558f494c618f53e0c773db3ea0109476e8359
md5: 24a90ec80d90c7f6757d9be50c2efe47 poky-edison-6.1.0-m3.tar.bz2
Download Locations:

Release Name: eclipse-poky-edison-6.1.0-m3
Branch: 1.2_M3
Hash: 06652a1b3f7a82481b4a7f1fee279ce1c616013b
md5: eaa2d0e9a5554463b1d44b8b5f9d29e0
Download Locations:

Release Name: meta-qt3-edison-6.1.0-m3
Branch: 1.2_M3
Hash: 7e283e296d589256bef1a5652b72f264aba72e1a
md5: 89d04eaf3aead8322c3b601190391f2d meta-qt3-edison-6.1.0-m3.tar.bz2
Download Locations:

- --------------------
- --------------------
- - HOB2 with redesigned UI and workflow implementation
- - Build appliance features and stability.
- - Error handling improvement such as display a summary of warning
and error messages at the end of Bitbake command.
- - Oracle/Sun Hotspot JDK/JRE support.
- - POSIX support
- - Enhancement to the Eclipse plug-in for Bitbake commander

- --------------------
Known Issues
- --------------------
- - Bug 2066 - Glxgears failed in qemuarm/qemuppc/qemumips.
- - Bug 1898-[beagleboard C4] X server cannot startup with 3.0 kernel.
- - Bug 1906 -[QEMU] loses focus in qemux86-64 terminal When I press
key [CTRL+L]
- - Bug 1912-[beagleboard C4] Segmentation fault when reboot the
system with 3.0 kernel
- - Bug 1917-[non-GPLv3] image fails to boot up with no root filesystem
- - Bug 1918-[x32] insane.bbclass reports error for x32 kernel
- - Bug 1899-[multilib] do_rootfs failed for lib-connman-gnome with ipk
- - Bug 1903-[HOB] do_rootfs failed with dummy-image against a clean
working dir
- - Bug 1910-[HOB] git recipes not shown in package view due to
inconsistent package name
- - Bug 1911-[HOB] non-GPLv3 build not work

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