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Philip Balister

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Hi Khem, all,

On Wed, May 19, 2021 at 10:09:12AM -0700, Khem Raj wrote:
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Dear all,

there have been recent reports of a hostile takeover of the freenode
service, as described in

The Yocto Project should verify these reports and take the necessary
actions, in order to protect its users.

Thanks for your email. We are aware, and have started to look into

It looks like some open source communities have started to move to or If anyone wants to bring
any insights or recommendations... feel free!

perhaps good time to consider matrix
I disagree. Matrix just does not work. I've been using with a few
friends with mixed homeservers,,, and self-hosted homeservers... I've sometimes not received
tens of messages in a row, usually for a duration of at least 15 mins
and there's obviously no indication whatsoever that I didn't receive
messages except that the discussion does not make sense at all. And this
happened to three other people on the room, each on a different homeserver
than the other, so not a PEBKAC :) Sometimes there are delays for
messages too (I've seen 30min delays), so the whole context is lost.

For a federated chat solution, that's really a bummer that its main
feature is just so buggy it's unusable.

If YP is ok with potentially not receiving questions or having people
ask questions and not receive answers, then fine by me :)

I'm probably among the small (?) minority of people experiencing those
issues but that's not a bet I'd take with my projects.

My 2ยข.
I think the question of setting up Matrix for our community is a valid
question, though I think it's orthogonal to the current problem. If
freenode goes away , we need an alternate plan to move *right away* to
another IRC server. If we want to setup addition communications means (such
as Matrix or anything else) that needs to be discussed and it might take
more time.
We have registered #oe and #yocto on libera already, so we can easily
transition irc servers as the situation develops.



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